Схема проезда
Scientific-Research Institute

The Scientific Research Institute as a working structural subdivision of the Academy has a young day of birth – spring 2009. The Scientific Research Institute’s strategic goal is ensuring the scientific competence of the Russian Ministry of Justice issues. Tasks to achieve this goal are solved with one urgent condition - to carry out The Scientific Research Institute’s activities so that meaningful and consistent with the interests of the Academy in the context of a myriad of issues related to improving the quality of legal education of students and qualified employees, scientific training, development of scientific life at the Academy and strengthening of its external relations.

Scientific researches at the Academy are carried out by the Scientific Research Institute staff together with the chair teaching staff.

The Scientific Research Institute consists of three departments:

1. Research center on opposing corruption that carries out fundamental and appied researches into refining and implementing laws on opposing corruption. The centre Regional branches are se tup in 14 affiliations of the Academy throughout Russia.

Both practitioners  and scientists work in them. The Scientific Research Institute operates in accordance with the Academy scientific research schedule, fulfils creative applied researches and executes targets of the Russian Ministry for Justice. Currents promising trends in its activities are: devising brochures on opposing corruption meant for general public, analysis and evaluation of public opinion to scope out corruption technologies in justice administration, making expert examination of normative legal drafts for their corruption capability. The Centre specialists have accomplished theoretical and practical commentaries to the Federal Law № 273-FZ “On opposing corruption” dated Decembre, 25, 2008, elaborated a special course “On opposing corruption and  preventing corruption risks in employee activities within the framework of the Russian Ministry for Justice and other executive bodies” intended for both civil servants of different ranking and seniour courses legal students.

2. The department of monitoring justice administration and theoretical back up of legal expert examination of normative law drafts makes scientific legal expertise of normative law drafts, federal, regional, department (trade) target programmes as well as concepts and technical tasks for their development; researches into problems of state and law progress, establishment and operation of executive bodies, improvements in law-enforcement activities; elaboration of issues related to educating general public in law and diminishing its ignorance in legal matters; monitors justice administration and studies legislation efficiency.

The Scientific Research Institute employs highly-qualified law scientists specializing in different branches of law: criminology, civil law, judicial procedure, administration law, criminal law and prosecutor’s supervision.

3.  The laboratory of monitoring legal information was found in November 2009 for providing of fundamental and applied investigations on problems in the field of legal information, methodological and expert support of databases, informational resources and technology for realization by the Academy goals in educational and scientific areas, adoption of the distance learning technologies including for system of professional development of subordinate services, bodies and agencies of the Ministry of Justice of Russia and other categories of state and municipal civil servants. The laboratory is involved in the organization of monitoring of legal information through registration, classification, assessment of current state laws and regulations of all kinds and levels based on the use of information technology and data processing.